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The following are some of the Grants and Funds found Online specifically for Graduate Health Education abroad. You can go through them
and find which suits you: -

  1. Netherlands Fellowship and Training Programmes for KIT(Royal Tropical Institute - University of Amsterdam).
  2. The Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2013
  3. NORAD Fellowship Programme Catalog - MPH course
  4. GrantFinder.nl: Search for scholarships for Studying in Netherlands
  5. U.N.E.S.C.O. Study Abroad Grants Searching
  6. The Ford Foundation Fellowships and Grants
  7. Truman scholarships
  8. W.H.O. Special Programme for Research and Training Grants and Fellowship
  9. The European Development Fund
  10. The ErasmusMundus Scholarships
  11. The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU)
  12. ILO International Training centre
  13. Funded Research studying at Queen margaret University College, Edinburgh
  14. The Danish Research Network for International Health; Postgraduate Studies
  15. John Forgaty International organisation: For Advanced studies in Health Sciences
  16. hotcourses.com Postgrad studying and scholarship search
  17. Association of Commonwealth Universities; some scholarships are here
  18. Gent University Netherlands page of Scholarships
  19. The Internationalstudent.net: Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships.....long exhaustive address list
  20. AAMC Overseas Fellowship Award Program site
  21. Fogarty International Centre: International Maternal and Child Health Research and Training Program (MCH)
  22. List of Amerian Grants and Fellowship at the US Embassy Tanzania website for year 2006
  23. The World Bank Scholarships: The Robert McNamara Fellowships and The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarships
  24. JJ/WBGS world Bank program
  25. University of westminster Msc Intergrated Health Informatics scholarships for Jan 2009 intake
  26. British Council Homepage
  27. HIV Research Trust (HIVRT) Fellowship Grants
  28. Eurogates: Search page on Netherlands Graduate Scholarships and grants for candidates from developing countries
  29. Khmerscholars Scholarship page
  30. Curtin Health Scholarship to India, China, South Africa, Ukraine
  31. Scholarships at Nukta77.blogspot
  32. MUHAS postgrad ads 2009 2010
  33. British Council Homepage
  34. OPEC Fund for International Development (OPID) Scholarships/Grant programme for 2009/10
  35. University of westminster Msc Intergrated Health Informatics scholarships for Jan 2009 intake
  36. NORAD Fellowship Programme Catalog - MPH course
  37. Tanzania Edinburgh Community Association
  38. MIM, Training opportunities in the malaria and Research fields
  39. Jamiiforum's Jukwaa la Elimu: Scholarships 2009
  40. 20 positions in the MD/PHD program Molecualr Medicine, Hannover Medical school (MHH); Open college scholarships
  41. Scholarships World for Westminster Univ. MBA scholarship Jan 2009
  42. Infobeasiswa.net - Scholarship Information Centre
  43. Scholarship Positions: Scholarships, Financial Aid Fellowships etc
  44. Malaysia Masters Programmes Scholarships 2009
  45. Filipinoscholar.com: Scholarships for Africa
  46. Makulilo Jr site for Scholarships for African countries
  47. Dept of Cont. Edu: Student funding at Oxford
  48. Facebook Egypt: scholarships/Grant Bursaries for Developing countries
  49. University of Pretoria; MPH scholarship
  50. Uni. of Leicester: Current Postgrad. studentships and scholarships
  51. Gent University Belgium; Scholarship possibilities for Developing Countries
  52. stipendije.info: Swedish International cooperation's masters programmes scholarships
  53. CIRAD PIGTrop Belgium: masters of Science in Tropical Animal Health
  55. John Hopkins School of Public Health; Scholarships Deadlines and News
  56. CIHR's Bridge Program Canada; Scholarships for Applicants from developing Countries
  57. JICA scholarships
  58. Galilee College Health Management Study Programmes 2009

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