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The webmaster is a 45 years old Tanzanian, M.D. graduate from the University of Dar es salaam
General practitioner and Health services manager currently working at Makambako Town Council, in Njombe Region, Southern Highland of Tanzania.

It was due to some interests in what InfoTech offers to Medical profession and its allies, as well as Field health care delivery system,
that he went on all the way to pile up this site thing. And hereunder is the background.......

"....In the History of mankind there have been technological advances which have been decisive in its evolution. The Internet is becoming (and actually has become already one of the technological advances of the greatest impact in this century. The changes, which the development of the Internet gives rise to, are going to alter the pattern of interpersonal relationships between human beings.

In the same way that society questioned the need for the Telephone at the time of its invention given the fact that the Telegraph already existed, so the majority of Medical professionals does not realise the changes which are approaching. In a way, the Internet is dividing medical professionals, creating two kinds of people; those who take advantages of the benefits which Information era offers, and those who live in ignorance of these benefits. Within a few years, this difference will become as evident as that which at present exists between those who know how to read and write, and those who do not!!! The Internet is so powerful as a working tool, that it will create an obvious inequality between those who use it and those who do not..." - Luis G. Pareras, MD. (1996)

" If you choose to ignore the technological revolution in medicine, you are effectively placing your future as a decision maker in the hands of a Non-clinical Technologist" - Bryan P. Bergeron, MD (Jan 1998)

A rising tide of Information Technology (IT) is now sweeping Medical profession, the benefits to medical practitioners from using the IT are growing rapidly and things are gradually becoming easier to use and and more effective in accesing a wider variety and greater quantity of information. Hence, the inequality described above by Dr. Pareras has already become obvious among medical personnel, students and among institutions in general. The most important component in the InfoTech is obviously, the Internet.
Imagine, you are working in the environment where, without moving out of your office, or desk, you could:-

Such environment does exists already, it is called the Internet. For some, the Internet is a place of hope and unbounded potential; for others, it is a seductive waste of time. Many Doctors worldwide see the Internet as unfamiliar territory, with strange customs and impenetrable jargon. However, for all medical practitioners, or students whatever their specialty, the benefits of using the Internet are growing rapidly, just as costs and learning times are plummeting. The increasing benefits arise from an ever-larger Biomedical presence on the net, including an explosion of new biomedical sites and resources. The Internet is already an essential tool in much medical research (particularly Molecular Biology). It has become an important resource for teaching medical students, for Clinical practice, and for post-graduate and continuing medical education. The Internet has eventually become the preffered medium for publication of research in Medicine. Other Internet resources of Interest to Physicians include Discussion forums and mailing lists, Press releases and newsletters, drug information, self assessment tools (exam rooms), multi-media patients simulations, clinical decision aids, educational softwares and much much more.

The rationale for this website is based from the above insight, as well as to demonstrate these benefits practically, in a more convenient and user-friendlier interface to the webmaster's fellow practitioners and those who aspire to become Medical practitioners. We all understand that Medicine is an extremely dynamic and Knowledge-fast scientific profession. It needs constant input of valuable information which has to be shared among the members. Knowledge acquired from defined Information sources is its power. We all understand that as medical practitioners, we are life-long lerners, as we have to acquire new information everyday to improve our care delivery to the community, we are obliged to seek diligently information, and share it with others. We all understand that we are obliged to make right decisions for the benefits of our patients, and that an accurate decision is a fruit of a better knowledge. We can not escape from what Internet offers, therefore it should be our duty to seek information through it.

On the other hand, this points out the need for investigating better approaches on building up approapriate foundations to equip our future professionals with pratical and adequate knowledge on IT. This will enable them to utilize the benefits of IT maximally, improving both research, educational (including CME) and skills at their working environments.

The Webmaster is a Lutheran, Comes from somewhere in Southern Highlands of Tanzania
in the countryside famously known as Tukuyu

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