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Dear visitor,
The page offers you some of the possible sites linked to CME providers. In most cases, the sites included in here also are found in the International Conferences page above, and at Grants and Funds page below
Do not worry about it as these two categories are closely related.

1. Health related Postgraduate course Offers:

  1. GHelp for African Students: Funding search engine
  2. Mzumbe University School of Public Management (SOPAM)
  3. MUHAS Masters programmes
  4. K.C.M.C.'s Postgraduate programmes
  5. Bugando University College Programmes
  6. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University
  7. International Medical and Technology University - I.M.T.U. Dar Es Salaam
  8. The University of Dodoma
  9. Eastern and Southern African Management Institute - ESAMI
  10. Open University of Tanzania
  11. University of Wits: South Africa, scholarships for 2013
  12. Masters in Health care Catalog
  13. Find-a-Masters.com for studies in UK and Ireland
  14. Public Health graduate programs in Europe
  15. Healthtraining.org: short courses to Doctoral courses search ******
  16. DES Interuniversitaire Brussels: Masters in Public Health Methodology
  17. Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine
  18. Nuffield University: Institute for Health: Masters programs for year 2013/14
  19. Stirling University: Postgraduate studies Guidelines
  20. Management courses site
  21. American Medical Informatics Association: Programs and Courses
  22. A list of Malaysian Universities for Postgrad studies
  23. College, University Links of Malaysian MPH
  24. fatomei.com - College scholarships, Ggraduate fellowships and Postdoctoral awards in Public Health
  25. Public Health Informatics course US
  26. Scholarship Info Search engine
  27. enyila.info: Daily Scholarships
  28. Phdscholarship.co.uk search engine
  29. Research scholarships; Scholarship positions
  30. Scholarship positions
  31. Tillburg University, Netherlands, Masters scholarships 2013
  32. Harvard University: School of Public Health scholarships
  33. King's College London, Masters scholarships for Africa 2013/14
  34. Tehran University Medical sciences International scholarships 2013/14
  35. University of Brighton International Undergrad. and Postgrad. Scholarships 2013/14
  36. Masters in Public Health Scholarship in Makerere University, Uganda 2013/14
  37. Lord Walston Masters scholarships for African students at East Anglia University, UK 2013/14
  38. Department for International development scholarships for Developing Commonwealth countries in UK 2013/14

2. USMLE; Hop on board and Get Ready

  1. Prep4USMLE
  2. Medical student USMLE guide

3. The Royal College Quest

  1. A free online surgical resource (for MRCS preps)
  2. The Royal Society of Medicine
  3. Royal college of Physicians
  4. MRCP UK: For both examiners and candidates
  5. Pastestonline: ONLINE Medical revision for MRCP candidates (Exam room)
  6. Online medical revision: Candidates for Members of Royal College of Physicians, Surgeons, Gynaecologists etc, etc,...
  7. onexamination.com: for MRCP1, MRCP2, MRCS, FRCA, O&G, MRCGP, MRCPCH, MRCPsych
  8. 123doc education site

4. Short Health Proffesional Courses

  1. Royal Tropical Institute - Netherlands Medical and Health short courses
  2. Epidemic Intelligence Service Training by CDC
  3. Galilee College Health Management Study Programmes 2009

5. E - Learning Sites

  1. World bank E - learning centre
  2. The Gateway development E - Learning
  3. The USAID Global E-learning centre
  4. E-learning Africa
  5. E-learning in Global Health for Africa
  6. OpenCourseWare at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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