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This page is mainly for District Health Managers, where important sites for National Guidelines, Policy and Resources are as follows:-


  1. Tanzania - German Programme to Support Health (T.G.P.S.H.): District Health and Quality Management
  2. MOHSW - TZ: Tanzanian National Guidelines, Health Policies and strategies downloadable @ the MOH site
  3. MOHSW - TZ: The National District health services page
  4. MuHEF: Downloadable Health care Training Guidelines
  5. MuHEF: Downloaddable Health care Policy Guidelines
  6. MuHEF: Downloadable Health care Treatment Guidelines
  7. District Health toolbox
  8. Mbeya Medical Research Programme
  9. Tanzania Medical Stores Department
  10. National TB/Leprosy Programme
  11. National AIDS Control Programme - NACP Homepage
  12. NACP publications
  13. NACP Databases system
  14. MOHSW: Guideline for formulation of HIV/AIDS Committees
  15. NACP publications page
  16. Other HealthLinks at districthealthservices.com
  17. PMORALG - TZ: Management Information Systems: PLANREP and LGMD downloads and Tutorials
  18. PMORALG - TZ: District Transport Management System
  20. TACAIDS Document Resources


  1. W.H.O.: District Health Management Team Training Modules
  2. WHO AFRO - DSD: DHMT Training Module 1: Health Sector reforms and District Health Systems (pdf)
  3. WHO AFRO - DSD: DHMT Training Module 2: Management, Leadership and Partnership District Health (pdf)
  4. WHO AFRO - DSD: DHMT Training Module 3: Management of Health Resources (pdf)
  5. WHO AFRO - DSD: DHMT Training Module 4: Planning and Implementation of District Health Services (pdf)
  6. WHO AFRO - DSD: DHMT Training Module 5: Facilitator's Guide (pdf)
  7. WHO: Strengthening Health management in Districts and Provinces (By A. cassels, K. Janovsky, 1995; 80 pages; pdf)
  8. WHO: How to Organize a System of Healthcare Technology Management (167 pages, pdf)
  9. WHO, World Bank, USAID: Guide to Producing National Health Accounts; with special applications for Low-income and Middle-income countries ( 2003; 330 pages; pdf)
  10. W.H.O.: Manual of Epidemiology for District Health Management (OMS 1989, 202 pages)
  11. Protocol for the assessment of STI case management through Health Facility survey
  12. CDC.GOV; Programs Operations: Guidelines for STD prevention, Leadership and Programme management
  13. CDC.GOV: 10 Guidelines for STD Control programme
  14. WHO.INT: Community IMCI; Reference Document, Training Guide, Case studies
  15. WHO: Improving Child Health IMCI: The Intergrated approach
  16. WHO: A scaling up Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Resource Limited settings: Guideline for Public Health Approach
  17. Infection Prevention Guideline for Health care facilities with Limited Resources
  18. A Review of ART Guidelines in selected countries in Africa and Carribean: A challenge for optimizing Treatment and product supply
  19. International Development Research Centre - IDRC
  20. N.O.R.A.D.
  21. Guidelines for District Health Planning and Reporting: South African Department of Health 2003 Part A
  22. South African Health Department: Guidelines for District Health Planning and Reporting; Part B
  23. InWEnt's District Health Management Tool
  24. HRH Global Resource Center
  26. W.H.O. District Health Systems page
  27. W.H.O. page on Management for Health Services Delivery
  28. W.H.O. page on Health Information Systems
  29. HRH Global Resources Centre: DHMT training modules
  30. W.H.O. Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office: Management Effectiveness Initiatives - Community Health Management
  31. WHO's presentation on Transport Management in Service Delivery
  32. WHO Technical Guideline for Health Action in Crisis
  33. WHO: Health - for - all Policy for the 21st Century for African Region: Agenda 2020
  34. ENGENDERHEALTH: maternal health page
  35. UN Millenium Development Goals
  36. World bank Development Indicators
  37. Global Health Policy Blog
  38. MCDC Malaria Capacity development Concortium: Strengtheneing Research Capacity
  39. STOPTB Homepage
  40. Commonwealth Regional Health Community for East, Central and Southern Africa
  41. Roll Back Malaria Partnership homepage - WHO
  42. RBM Publications at WHO
  43. MSH: Health Manager Toolkit
  45. Health Link World wide
  46. WHO HIV/AIDS Guidelines
  47. AIDSinfo - HIV AIDS Information
  48. US National HIV/AIDS Clinicians' Consultation Center
  49. USAID's AIDSTAR-One; National treatment Guidelines
  50. CDC HIV/AIDS Guidelines
  51. US National Guideline Clearinghouse: Health Guidelines by Topic
  52. National Library of Medicine: HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Center
  53. PEPFAR's HIV/AIDS Palliative Care Guidance #1


  1. Medical Stores Department (MSD) Supply Chain of ART
  2. USAID DELIVER Project - Guidelines, Handbooks and Manuals
  3. John Snow, Inc Publications - Health Supply chain/Logistics
  4. WHO.INT: Logistics management system documents
  5. msh.org: International Drug Price Indicator Guide
  6. k4health.org: Implants Logistics toolkits
  7. k4health.org: Injectables Logistcs toolkit
  8. Safety Inection and Waste management: Practical Guide for Logistics advisors: JSI, DELIVER 2004
  9. Homepage for lInternational Association of Public Health Logisticians
  10. Humanitarian Supply Management and Logistics in Health Sector
  11. Oxford Journals: Is decentralizing for Logistics system good?

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