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These resources give you a broader horizon in finding medical information I wish you a nice ride........

  1. MDTOOL.COM: Gateway to medical information: Online medical directory
  2. PhiladelphiaMedicine: Medical links
  3. The OMNI U.K. Medical Resource
  5. MUHEF Muhimbili University
  6. DIMDI.DE Medical Resouce
  7. Anaethesiology; Klinikum Augsburg links
  8. Emergency medicine organisations [directory]
  9. MD. General Practitioners site (Family Medicine)
  10. John Hopkin's University WELCHWEB
  11. Family Medicine Resource site
  12. The South African HealthInfo
  13. The university of Iowa Dermatological resource
  14. Obel's medical links
  15. Hardin MD: Medical Pictures resource
  16. Joe Buenker: Link of Medical Links
  17. Pulsus.com: Medical Links
  18. TnCrimlaw.com: Medical Links
  19. Doctor's Guide *****needs Registration****
  20. Studmed.com: Resource by Students for students
  21. Medschoolchat.com: Resource for Med.students
  22. Stanford University: Africa Health and Medicine in the Internet
  23. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Resource
  24. aegis.com: African Medical Resources
  25. Reproductive Tract Infections Links
  26. The Synergy Project: Resources Centre Online Database, Recent Research articles on HIV/AIDS in Africa******Full Text in Pdf*****
  27. Ptolemy project
  28. Fleshandbones.com: resource for Medical students
  29. A Library for Internists IX Recommendations from the American College of Physicians -- Frisse and Florance 126 (10) 836
  30. medicalstudent.com
  31. Media/Materials ClearingHouse; a leading international resource for Health communication materials
  32. Medicc Review: Health and Medical News of Cuba
  33. Management Sciences for Health Inc.
  34. WHO/TDR Malaria Database
  35. Reproductive Tract Infections Links
  36. The Synergy Project: Resources Centre Online Database, Recent Research articles on HIV/AIDS in Africa******Full Text in Pdf*****
  37. WHO Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI)
  38. Student consult
  39. Welch EBM site
  40. Medical Bookmarks
  41. Medical Education
  42. Globalisation and Poverty: Globalissues.org
  43. mdlinx.com - Family Medicine Resource site
  44. rtstudents.com: Radiology Resources for Students
  45. Worldwide Nurse
  46. khake.com: Vocational Information Centre
  47. Paediatric radiology resource
  48. Medical professionals site by student of Liaquat university of Medical and Health sciences, Jamshoro
  49. Pathmax: Pediatrics Pathology
  50. Martindale Dental Centre
  51. HISP India
  52. OBGYN Women's Health
  53. The Society for Internet in Medicine
  54. Global Health at Hopkins
  55. BUBL
  56. Malaysian Medical Resources
  57. somalidoc.com - Somali Medical Association: Huge ppt collection on various Medical subjects
  58. Medical esnipes Folder
  59. NLM resources for International Librarians, Health professionals and Researchers in Deeloping countries
  60. cipladoc.com: Your window to the wide world of therapeutics
  61. free downloads at Cipladoc.com
  62. medicalgeek.com
  63. bio-medicine.org: latest Biolgy and Medical news/technology
  64. bio-medicine.org: Biology links
  65. MedicineNet: Health and Medical Info by Docs
  66. Medical Links from Hotsprings
  67. Swedish site for Medical links
  68. Emergency Medicine at NCEMI.ORG: Emergency medicine and Primary Health care resources
  69. Management Sciences for Health - MSH: HOMEPAGE
  70. USAID Global eLearning Center
  71. MSH: Global Exchange Network for Reproductive Health (GEN)
  72. MSH's LeaderNet program
  73. MSH Resource Center

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