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This page is reserved for those training for Hospital Management, and the Webmaster himself. Though, any
interested person is welcome.
The Global Campus 21: Hospital Management Training On-line working space
Go straight to Fachhochschule Neu - Ulm Homepage

1. Online Translations resources and e-Dictionaries

  1. Appliedlanguage.com: Translation Service
  2. Free Translation and Professional Translation from SDL International
  3. The webster's Online Dictionary: German - English Translation
  4. LEO Online Dictionary
  5. KBV: Kassentlichen Bundesvereinigung Woeterbuch English
  6. Das Gesundheitspolitik Woeterbuch (Pdf file)
  7. The Woerterbuch. info: Deutsch - Englisch Uebersetzung
  8. The Dict.cc
  9. The Canoo.net Dictionary
  10. Kloska's KHM GLOSSAR OF DORTMUND (In Ms-Excel)

2. Clinical economics (CLINECS)

  1. AHRQ Clinical Economics
  2. E-Tutorial: Central for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) University of Toronto, Canada
  3. CLINECS; By Prof. F. Porzsolt, Prof. R. Kaplan
  4. Duke University/ UNC - Chapel Hill: Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
  5. Centre for Health Evidence: User's Guide to Health Evidence Based Practice
  6. eBMJ by Trisha Greenhalgh; How to Read a Paper

3. Health Economics (Gesundheitsoekonomie)

  1. KHM 2005/6 Health Economics Lecture Breakdown
  2. Brown University Economics 151; Economic Development Lecture notes
  3. Markets vs Controlled economies
  4. Robison Rojas: Basic knowledge on Economics; Free market vs Central planning
  5. Uni - Tuebingen; The German Social Market Economy and its transformations
  6. Jim Cox: The Concise Guide to Economics
  7. Economic system: Definitions from Answers.com and Wikipedia
  8. Samuel Baker; Uni. of South Carolina; Tutorial Health Economics
  9. Australian National University (ANU) Economics notes
  10. University of Barkeley: Economics Lecture Notes: Introduction, Macro- & Micro-economy, Theory of Economic growth
  11. Tutor2u (U.K.): Basics of Economics tutorial
  12. ECON 100: Textbook of Economics
  13. Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermendia text
  14. The Best of Economics; By Anold Kling
  15. WHO 2000: Health Care System Of Germany: In Transition
  16. Uni - Tuebingen Lecture: German Health System in Nutshell
  17. Health Care System in Germany; Cost Factor and Branch of the Future (1997 Report.......too old or old enough?! up to you!)
  18. Health care systems: Germany and UK compared
  19. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (O.E.C.D)
  20. The SourceOECD
  21. Institut fuer Weltwirtschaft, Kiel (IfW)
  22. The C.I.A. Fact Book
  23. Hamburgischhes Weltwirtschafts-Archiv (H.W.W.A.)
  24. Cesifo - Institute & Centre for European Studies
  25. Zentrum fuer Europaeische Wirtschaftsforschung (Z.E.W.) GmbH
  26. The World Bank Homepage
  27. The World Trade Organisation (W.T.O.) Homepage
  28. United Nations Development Programme (U.N.D.P.) Homepage
  29. United Nations Conference on Trade Development (U.N.C.T.A.D.) Homepage
  30. International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) Homepage
  31. Europa - EUROSTAT Homepage
  32. International Labour Organisation (I.L.O.) Homepage
  33. Brown University; Various Links to "Economically important resources"
  34. Open Courseware Directory

4. Medical Records Systems and Dokumentation

  1. Open Clinical (O.C.): Introduction to Eletronic Medical Records
  2. Open Clinical (O.C.): Health Informatics
  3. Lecture notes by Dr. Andreas Holzinger
  4. Dr. Andreas Holzinger: Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering (UE) in Medical Information Systems
  5. CRIS Project: An Information Architecture for Clinical Research
  6. CRIS Project: Clinical Research Information System: National Institute of Health: List of Presentations
  7. ID Information und Dokumentation im Gesundheitswesen
  8. DRG Uni-Muenster
  9. Symantec: Understanding Data Lifecycle management
  10. Application of Classifications for Re-imbursement purposes
  11. Learn on webpage building and Download softwares!!

5. Project Management

  1. Australian Projectmanagement'site: Project Management: A quick Guide **pdf**
  2. Nine steps in Project management process **pdf**
  3. Project management Principles
  4. Basics of Project Risk Management **pdf**
  5. Tasmania, Australia: Project Management Guideline
  6. Project management lecture at pitt
  7. Varsitynotes.com: Project management
  8. Nelson Education - Project management
  9. St. Martin's Lecture notes on Project Management
  10. Scribd.com: Project Management - Teacher's notes
  11. Univ. Toronto; Project Management pdf
  12. Project Management Lecture Index Univ. of Minnesota
  13. Project management Lecture Index MIS 460 Central Connecticut State Univ.

6. Hospital Controlling

7. Strategische Management

  1. Boston Consulting Group matrix, General Electric Matrix, SWOT Analysis
  2. Answers.com: BCG Growth - share Matrix
  3. Boston Matrix full text in Adobe
  4. Marketing: Strategic planning, for marketing students South Africa
  5. Villanova Lecture notes: Capital Budgeting and Strategic planning
  6. QHR: Strategic Initiatives for Hospital Administrators

8. Hospital Organisation und Personwesen

I: Visit the Resource page for 16th February 2006 Change Management workshop at FH Amberg-Weiden!!!

II: Other sources:

  1. Haas Notes: Leadership
  2. Supervisor's Guide: Managing an Aging Worker
  3. Business.com: Change Management
  4. Booz; Allen; Hamilton: Ten Guiding principles of Change Management
  5. Managing Change by oursouthwest.com: A complete Guide on how to manage change in an organisation
  6. Oursouthwest.com page: Download Guiding documents for Managing Change
  7. Kath Pasteur: Changing Organisations for Suitable Livelihoods: A Map to Guide Change

9. Hospital [Cost Centre] Costing and Accounting

  1. National Coalition on Health care: Health Care in Germany
  2. Collin Dunn, Suzanne Tracey: Payments by Results - German Lessons?; Ana article in pdf
  3. German Cost Accounti system: Article in pdf
  4. German Hospital costing

10. Financial Management and Accounting

  1. Casemix.com: Introduction to DRGs
  2. Case Mix in Germany; DRG - Hospital based payments
  4. Texas Agr. Ext. Service: Balance sheet - A financial Management Tool
  5. The Balance sheet pocket book
  6. Principlesofaccounting.com: Principles of Accounting Online Textbook
  7. Houghton Mifflin: Principles of Accounting, 7th Ed. in powerpoint
  8. Uni - Arizona: Accounting Concepts Tutorial
  9. Simplestudies.com: Accounting Simple!!!!!!
  10. Bean Counter's Accounting and Bookkeeping Tutorials *****Free Login first*****
  11. Malcom E. White: Middle city Accounting Tutorial
  12. Freeloadpress: Finance Accounting and Management eBooks for Downloading ******Login Request is mandatory********
  13. Summary: Finacial statement analysis
  14. QuickMBA: Accounting
  15. Walton College: Analysis of Fiancial Statements
  16. Biz/ed: Finance and Accounts I: Basic principles
  17. Startupepa.org: Basics of Health Insurance
  18. Lossungen for Q 1 - 20 Finanzbucchaltung Grundlagen in PPT
  19. Lossungen for Q 21 - 40 Krankenhausbuchfuehrung in PPT
  20. Lossungen for Q 41 - 60 Krankenhausbuchfuehrung in PPT
  21. Lossungen fuer Uebung No. 6: Krankenhausbuchfuehrung in PPT
  22. ACCA Student Accountant: Capital Investment Appraisal
  23. Biz/ed: Investment Appraisal in PPT
  24. US National Library of Medicine: Cost Analysis Methods
  25. Queen's University Belfast: Management accounting: Investment appraisal
  26. NorthOnline's ACC210 Financial Accounting I Lecture Notes
  27. Needles-Powers 2002e Financial and Managerial Accounting - Ready Notes
  28. MIT OpenCourseWare Sloan School of Management 15.514 Financial and Managerial Accounting, Summer 2003 Lecture Notes

11. Die Mitarbeitersgespraeche


I. Locate where you are, or locate a place or make a route to your destination throughThe Interactive VIA Michelin Map
II. Check the Hospitals below for the Prakticum:

  1. Zentralklinikum Augsburg
  2. Kreisklinik Mindelheim
  3. Rehabilitationskrankenhaus Ulm
  4. Universitaetsklinikum Ulm
  5. KH Rummelsberg
  6. Paracelsus Klinikum Muenchen
  7. Krankenhaus Paul - Gerhardt - Stift (Wittenberg)
  8. Universitaetsklinikum Wuerzburg
  9. Klinik Muehldorf am Inn
  10. Kreiskrankenhaus Traunstein
  11. Elblandkliniken
  12. BGU Tuebingen
  13. Klinikum Stuttgart
  14. Universitaetsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
  15. Regensburg/Barmherzige Brueder
  16. Christophsbad Goeppingen
  17. Medical Park - Bad Wiessee

13. Further Information for the Hausaufgaben given by INWENT for June 2006

  1. Issues of Leadership in Germany Hospitals
  2. Issues of Globelization and Poverty
  3. Issues of Gender Mainstreaming

14. Further Hospital Management Training Opportunities

  1. education portal Hospital management training search
  2. fnih.org: Foundation for the National Institutes of Health - Programs
  3. Nuffield Centre for International Health and development MA Hosp management
  4. Sweden - Netherlands - Norway Eramus Mundus Scholarships

15. Soentiges [Miscellaneous links]

  1. Principles of Epidemiology, Download DOS tutorial
  2. Supercourse Lectures in PPT/PDF Format; All Subjects
  3. The world bank: Monitoring and Evaluation: some tools, methods and approaches
  4. AutoScout24 Car market
  5. Die Bahn TravelService - Query page
  6. Die Bahn Verbindungen - Ihre Anfrage
  7. German language for Beginners
  8. Learn German Online Language Courses, Classes and Tutorials

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