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The page offers the most complete wrap-up al Online accessible medical (and other Health related) journals as follows:-

The commonest International journals:

  1. The British Medical Journal
  2. Population Reference Bureau Journal
  3. International Family Planning Perspectives
  4. International Journal of Epidemiology: Bulletin of WHO
  5. Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ) Online
  6. PostGraduate Doctor Journal

International Journal Catalogs:

  2. Freemedicaljournals.com: Free Downloadable Journal Articles
  4. Lamar Souter Online Journals Library
  5. Blackwell-science homepage: Journals' publishers
  6. Martindale's Clinical Medicine Journal Resources
  7. Journals A to Z from Dana Library
  8. Library of National Medical society: Online Journals
  9. The Synergy Project: Resources Centre Online Database, Recent Research articles on HIV/AIDS in Africa******Full Text in Pdf*****

Clinical Guidelines for Health Workers

  1. MOHSW - TZ: Districthealthservice.com: All Tanzanian Treatment Guidelines
  2. European Guideline for STI management
  3. Guideline for improving Quality of STI management in a Health District (SOUTH AFRICAN)
  4. WHO: Pocketbook of Hospital care for children: Guidelines for the Management of Common Illnesses with limited resources
  5. WHO: Management of the child with serious Infection or Severe Malnutrition
  6. WHO: IMCI in - service training modules
  7. WHO: Guidelines for Follow up after training in the WHO/UNICEF course on IMCI for first - level health workers; facilitator's Guide, and Supervisor's Guide
  8. WHO: Hypoglycaemia of the Newborn: Review of Literature
  9. UN.ORG: Guideline for Management of Malaria Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment; 2002 draft
  10. CDC.GOV: Treatment of Malaria (Guideline for Clinicians)
  11. WHO South - East Asia: Regional Guideline on The management of severe Malaria in Level I Hospitals and Health Facilities
  12. Sri - Lankan Clinical practice Guideline on Management of Pneumonia and Respiratory Tract infections in Children
  13. WHO Africa Region: Guidelines for Measles Surveillance; Revised December 2004
  14. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care Medicine: Guidelines for the management of Adults with Community acquired Pneumonia, South African
  15. Guideline for Evaluating Public Health surveillance system
  16. A Guideline to clinical care of women with HIV; 1st Ed. 2001
  17. WHO: A scaling up Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Resource Limited settings: Guideline for Public Health Approach
  18. Infection Prevention Guideline for Health care facilities with Limited Resources
  19. A Review of ART Guidelines in selected countries in Africa and Carribean: A challenge for optimizing Treatment and product supply
  20. WHO: Chronic HIV care with ARV Therapy; Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness (IMAAI)
  21. United Kingdom Guideline for the use of the Post - exposure Prophylaxis for HIV following a Sexual Exposure
  22. SARA: A Literature review and recommendations for Nutritional care and support in Sub - Saharan Africa

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