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I: Online Tutorials

This category contains the most commonly available tutorials on Basic sciences and Clinical on the net:
  1. MedicalStudents.com Mega collection of Tutorials on Basic Sciences to Clinical Medicine
  2. Human Anatomy Online
  3. Brain Model Tutorial
  4. Auscultation Assistant
  5. Medical Patient Simulation tutorials
  6. KUMC: Online Tutorial for Effective Presentation preparation
  7. Health and Medical Basics: Tutorials and Nursing
  8. Public Health Surveillance tutorial slide set
  9. Tutorial sets: Infection prevention and ART
  10. Utah University: HIV/AIDS Microbiological tutorial
  11. Viral Replication Tutorial
  12. NICU WEB:University of Washington - Paediatric tutorials
  13. nurses.info: Nursing tutorials
  14. khake.com: Health tutorials resources and Nursing
  15. Dissection Guide for Gross Anatomy
  16. Homepage of Anatomy Lesson
  17. Univ. of michigan Med. school: Medical Gross Anatomy Learning Resources
  18. The Gross Physiology of the cardiovascular System
  19. The Heart and Circulatory System

II: Medical Lecture Notes

This category contains the available lecture notes in the internet, mostly on Medical topics:

  1. Auburngirl71 @ Geocities: Anatomy Lecture Notes
  2. PGCC (Author Unknown): Anatomy and Physiology Notes
  3. Uni. South Wales (Australia): Interactive Embryology Lecture material
  4. Medical School Instructional Site: Lecture site
  5. J.E. Wampler: Advanced Biochemistry and Enzymology Lecture Notes
  6. Doctor_uae @ Geocities: Biochemistry Lecture Notes
  7. St. barnabas Hospital Surgical lecture notes
  8. Paula Brentlinger: HIV/AIDS and maternal Child health in Developing countries; Lecture in ppt
  9. GWU school of medicine Class 2005: Lecture Notes and study links
  10. THE VERSITY NOTES: The world's largest directory of free Lecture Notes
  11. Nurse Midwifery Curriculum Modules at University of Utah
  12. Mrs. Ludy's Nursing Notes page
  13. Norfolk State University: Nursing Lecture Notes
  14. MedLlectures.com - Your Source for Medical Lectures
  15. MedLectures.com - Lectures Anaesthesiology in ppt
  16. MedLectures.com - Lectures Emergency Medicine in ppt
  17. MedLectures.com - Lectures Dermatology in ppt
  18. MedLectures.com - Lectures Surgery in ppt
  19. MedLectures.com - Lectures Neurology
  20. MedLectures.com - Lectures Obs/Gynae
  21. MedLectures.com - Lectures Radiology
  22. somalidoc.com - Somali Medical Association: Huge ppt collection on various Medical subjects
  23. medicalppt.blogspot.com: Collection of Medical Powerpoint Presentations and Lecture notes free Download (I like this Dr. Aslam)
  24. Medical esnipes Folder
  25. cipladoc.com: cardiology medical slides
  26. cipladoc.com Medical slides index
  27. JHU: Pharmacology and Toxicology Lecture Notes (pdf and ppt)
  28. mac.com: Cognitive Behavioural therapy lecture
  29. Sinai Hospital: Lecture PPTs and Topic PDFs
  30. Univ. of Winsconsin: Lecture materials on Medical Imaging Systems
  31. Uni. of Utah Med students website: The Vault of Lecture Notes downloadable

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