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These are important as Fountains of mostly, Literature; and sometimes other educational tools, just like a real Library: -

  1. Library of National Medical society: Online textbooks and Journals
  2. Dana Medical Library
  3. KIBS news: Library of Karolinska Institutet
  4. Online Duke University Medical Centre Library:Biomedical and Clinical materials
  5. New York Academy of Medicine Public Library
  6. The world vitual library of EPIDEMIOLOGY
  7. The Wellcome medical library, UK.
  8. The Royal Society of Medical Library catalog
  9. UT medical center Virtual Library
  10. Hardin Library of Health sciences
  11. medicalstudent.com: A digital library of authoritative medical info for all students of medicine
  12. The eGranary Digital Library
  13. LaneConnex - Lane Medical Library and Knowledge Management Centre
  14. University of Carlifornia; Medical Links
  15. African Digital Library
  16. Cochrane Library
  17. MMU Library: Nursing electronic subjects resources
  18. MMU Library Homepage
  19. Univ. Harvard: The Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
  20. cekli.com: Document explorer

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