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Get the Muzik and sing....

1. Various Bongo Flava and Other online Tunes and Vibes

  1. Mzibo.Net: This site has everything!!! from Bongo Flava sites to Artists and news
  2. Ze Ngoma Moto Vibes: Non Stop Bongo Flavas.....
  3. The Young African
  4. Bongo Xplosion! Wanasema kula BongoFlava kama sio wewe vile....
  5. KissFM Mwanza, Tanzania
  6. Radio Free Africa: sikia vigongo kamili online
  7. Sikia Taarab kwa kwenda mberreee....
  8. Nairobicity's MTAAFM
  9. The Afromix Tanzania: Jamani Wapi zamani!!
  10. Afropop: Afromuzik site...
  11. Africa Hit Music TV, The First Internet TV Playing Live African Music Videos 24-7
  12. Africahit.com: Listen to non-stop Latest African Hits: Congo tunes, West Africa tunes, Makosa, u.s.w.
  13. WWITV: Portal for African music non-stop online!!!
  14. Zilipendwa @ Jambonet
  15. MK music galaxy
  16. Marcusmusic.org
  17. Listen to Bongo Flava Music

2. The Lyrix

  1. BongoFlava Lyrix: Mwake kabisa!!
  2. TheLyrix.com database
  3. Lyrix.us: database for US music lyrix
  4. Lyricsfree.com database
  5. Lyricsdirectory.com
  6. Leo's Lyrics database: More Lyrics than you ever thought Before!!
  7. Song Lyrics on Yahoo! Music
  8. HotLyrics.net: Searchable Lyrics database
  9. A-Z Lyrics Universe
  10. Leonies lyrics
  11. eMP3Finder.com - Free download mp3 mv video news lyric billboard mtv muchmusic chart!

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