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This page gives you resources or directories for common Health Newsletters, bulletins, Press releases, and Fact sheets. These can be suitable for both categories of health as some of these resources also provide text forms of the newsletters and bulletins one can find at medical
libraries or one can contact the Librarian in case of failure to locate them: -


  1. PSLGroup directory
  2. The In-health Homepage
  3. The Health News Directory
  4. Sight-And-Life newsletter
  5. Glimpse newsletter @ ICDDRB.ORG
  6. who.org: Weekly Epidemiological Records
  7. Women,Inc.
  8. Bulletin of WHO
  9. Bridges:Newsletter of the Society for International Development
  10. Healthlink.org: HealthLink Worldwide
  11. who.int: TDR Newsletter
  12. Medecins - Sans - Frontieres (MSF) Press releases and factsheet


  1. International sites
    1. Reliefweb: Humanitarian vacancies
    2. WHO vacancies page
    3. International Civil Service Comission: Job Opportunities in UN. System
    4. Vacancies in International Organisations
    5. International Vacancies for Young people ****Documents in Italian***
    6. Search engine for Links on Vacancies and Internship
    7. United Nations Commission for Human rights: Vacancies page
    8. International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC): Vacancies announcements
    9. International Job in Africa: About.com resource
    10. UNjobs.org
    11. studentsonline.com: African Graduate Profile submission service
    12. UNDP Jobs
    13. Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT)
    14. obspublichealth.com: International Job opportunities in the developing countries; Get the weekly top-ten vacancies by subscription
    15. Health care Volunteer Vacancies
    16. African Union (A.U.) Vacancies
    17. Dan Royal Job/Vacancies
    18. MY AFRICAN CAREER: Health and Medical vacancies
    19. devnetjobs.org: International Development JObs/vacancies
    20. PHARMAJOBSTER: All Pharma jobs Africa
    21. THE International OUTDOORJOB site
    23. KENYANJOBS.BLOGSPOT.COM: Kazi nyingi tu hata huko waweza enda kuandikwa
    24. In.glue.yahoo.com: Everything about World Health Organisation vacancies

  2. Local sites
    1. Tume ya Utumishi; Waraka juu ya Ajira za watumishi wa serikali kwenye mashirika ya Kimataifa
    2. PMORALG - Vacancies Page
    3. Brightermonday.com - Vacancies or Job posts for UTAKE
    4. JamboBlog; Nafasi za kazi - Vacancies
    5. Cardunlimited; Nafasi za kazi
    6. grazr.com Nukta 77
    7. Zebrajobs - Search jobs at all African countries
    8. Health, Nursing Social services in Tanzania
    9. ReliefWeb: Vacancies for United republic of Tanzania
    10. MY AFRICAN CAREER: Vacancies Tanzania
    11. Jamiiforums.com Nafasi za kazi - Vacancies - Tenders
    12. Health and safety Jobs in Tanzania


  1. Paediatrics Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Drugs list for South Africa
  2. BNF.org: British National Formulary
  3. BNFC: Safehealthcare: BNF for Childern
  4. drugs.com: Prescription Drug Information database

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