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Search Engines: Medical and General

This page gives you both the medical and medical search engines
available in the net, as follows:

Medical Search Engines:

  1. Medical World Search
  2. The WebInfoMed search
  3. The Infotrieve engine
  4. Medmatrix search
  5. Search @ Medscape.com
  6. MedlinePro: it's medline and Search engine
  7. The WebMD
  8. Health On The Net (HON) MedHunt
  9. MedSite: Medical Rewards, Supplies and textbook, journals etc

General Search Engines:

  1. Altavista: Plus advanced search
  2. The Google: The fastest engine in the net
  3. The Northern Light search
  4. The HotBot
  5. All-The-Web Search
  6. Search-a-lot: very good site
  7. The Looksmart
  8. The Multi-search-engine: Up to 4 engines @ a go!
  9. All-Search-Engines.com: more than 50 engines piled up
  10. The Microsoft network site
  11. The famous Yahoo! Search
  12. Excite Search
  13. Kicheko

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